N2-Tane The obligatory Home page We have added a news page so you can find out what we are up to in one place. You can still follow us on Facebook or Twitter where we update our nights regularly. Thanks for popping by.

Welcome to N2-Tane

For over 20 years N2-Tane has been providing quality entertainment to customers throughout the South West of England. With a well established customer base of Pubs, clubs, wedding planners & venues, not to mention the private customers that keep using us means we must be doing something right.

Here at N2-Tane we have always strived to bring the best in new ideas & technology to what we do, but always staying true to the tried & tested methods that have brought enjoyment for so many decades. Our DJ’s all do what they do for a profession so they are dedicated to what they do. This means that we are proud of the team that we have here at N2-Tane & confident that we can rise to almost any challenges.

We are able to offer a range of ideas & solutions to our customers either directly or through a network of 3rd party companies in the industry, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here please contact us as it never hurts to ask.

More quiz nights than ever.

N2-Tane’s interactive quiz nights are expanding all over the place, so much so we have changed the website a bit to reflect the amount of nights we now have.

If you run a bar or club and want to maximise your quiet nights then why not get in touch?